Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Stem

I found the stem of my life after analyzing the 20 things I put effort in the last 21 years.

1. 努力を惜しまないこと。

2. 人と「協力」して「チームで」一つのことを成し遂げること。

3. 「やってみたい!」と思ったら、即座に企画を起こし、運営すること。

4. 音楽や絵、デザインなどの芸術が好きであること。

5. 「感謝の気持ち」「人への想い」が行動の原動力になること。

Well, these are still pretty abstract concepts but all of these have definitely been vital in my life. 

Consequently or not, I would value the followings in my future career design at the moment.

1. Whether the work itself or its environment is global or embraces diversity.

2. Whether there are continuous opportunities in which I can keep learning new things and grow.

3. Whether I can accomplish something with people I respect and can be stupid with.

4. Whether the work-life balance is adequate for women as well.

5. Whether I can get involved in a creative work that produces new framework and value.







Be aspirational.

Grateful days,